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Compiled Programming Languages

These are the languages you will definitely use during your stay at LSU; they are compiled, which means a compiler creates executable object code from some source file(s).

Scripting Languages

Scripting languages are not usually compiled. Instead, they are executed using an interpreter. Examples of popular scripting languages:

Shell Scripting

Shell scripting refers to text files containing a series of shell commands and control flow statements (e.g., if, while, etc). They are used frequently for system administration tasks. Knowing how to read and write a shell script is important for mastering any operating system.

Lists of Languages

Program Chrestomathy

In computer programming, a program chrestomathy is a collection of similar programs written in various programming languages, for the purpose of demonstrating differences in syntax, semantics and idioms for each language. [1]




  • Algorithms for Programmers (pdf) - an incredibly detailed and wonderful book; and it's free!
  • The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (a.k.a. SICP) (a.k.a. the purple book). Abelson and Sussman. Website Full text in HTML
  • Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming. Van Roy and Haridi. Website

Related Topics

Text Editors

This is potentially the most important tool you have: choose one and learn it.

If you are serious about a career that involves programming:

If you only need to get through one or two classes:

Online IDEs and Collaboration Tools

Debuggers, Profilers

Programming Challenges and Competitions

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